The Hawaiʻi Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities

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Aims, Metrics, Output & Outcomes

Hawaiʻi's Climate-Smart Commodities

  1. Assist and support producers to overcome barriers and implement climate-smart practices through investments, incentives, and technical support;
  2. Build inclusive decision support tools that help producers to design, execute, and verify meaningful climate benefits optimized to outcomes of value to Hawaiʻi-based and Native Hawaiian producers;
  3. Create a vibrant localized market for verified climate-smart products produced in Hawaiʻi, for Hawaiʻi. 
  1. Include improvements in soil carbon, greenhouse gasses, soil health, and socio-economic factors, plus any internally determined metrics for success set by working circles and guided by producers. Specific key indicators to be identified during the project.
  1. Implementation of projects that improve climate-readiness across agricultural (including forestry, agroforestry, rangelands, and others) sectors and develop markets committed to sustainable practice and production in Hawaiʻi, for Hawaiʻi.
  1. Improved system resilience and equity for food and forest products;
  2. Transformed food systems for greater social equality-and economic development, and ecological sustainability;
  3. Inclusion of working lands in decarbonization strategy;
  4. Increase in local food production to support household food security;
  5. Normalization of indigenous and place-based food systems as a legitimate climate smart practice.